TableGolf for Fitness & Fun




Motivation to play TableGolf

- Who should play TableGolf ?

1.) TableGolf is especially attractive for the following groups :
  • Golfers and tennis-players
  • Table tennis-players, badminton- and squash-players
  • Fitness-fans and fitness-clubs
  • Sport-hotels and leisure time-clubs
  • holiday-clubs ( club Med, club Aldiana, Robinson club.)

TableGolf is an innovative new sport, which immediately draws attention and invites you to play the new game everywhere.
All ballsport-fans who enjoy hitting a ball
with a bat, are fascinated by TableGolf and want to start playing immediately.

2.) When you first try the game, you like it.
After playing for only 10 - 15 minutes you say: It's great and wonderful exercise.
3.) Usually people who are interested in TableGolf have some experience with tabletennis, tennis, golf, badminton or squash .
After playing for only 5 - 10 minutes, it is possible to play TableGolf quite well with exciting ralleys. This means that TableGolf-beginners can play reasonably well in a short time.

This is really one big advantage of TableGolf :
you don't need much practise before you experience success.
Therefore: Try TableGolf at your next houseparty as an enjoyable action-event.
4.) TableGolf is the only home-ballgame that you can play alone , when no partner is available.
The game is just as enjoyable when you play alone, making you fit and relaxed at the same time.
5.) TableGolf is really tough fitness training.
If you play TableGolf for more than 15 minutes, you start sweating and afterwards you will feel that you have really done something for your physical condition.
6.) TableGolf is good additional training for active player of sports such as golf, tennis, tabletennis, badminton and squash.
Holding the bat in both hands and the bodyrotation against the ball improves your fitness, bodyflexibility, ballfeeling, strikerhythm, feeling for use of your left hand, etc. etc.
7.) TableGolf is very attractive especially for active senior-players.
You will find it easier to have long rallies with your partner, compared with playing tabletennis.
As the players stand near each other, much more verbal communication during the game is possible, making this sport most enjoyable.

The older you get, the lower your bodydynamic and reaction decrease.
This is also one of the reasons, why people in their youth first start with tabletennis, several years later with tennis and then start with golf at the age of 40.

If tabletennis has become too fast and hectic for you, TableGolf will be an exciting new challenge. TableGolf is great fun and you can use the experience gained during the many years when you played tabletennis.