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What is TableGolf ?

TableGolf is a new fitness game, which combines the game elements of different sports such as golf, tennis, squash and tabletennis.

The game is played on the TableGolf-table which consists of two parts: the horizontal table (2.80 m long x 0.80 m wide, 0.30 m high) and the 2 m high vertical RETURN-wall.

The TableGolf-ball is made of celluloid and is the size of a golf-ball; i.e. bigger and heavier than a tabletennis-ball. The TableGolf-bat is held in both hands (golfgrip) and you swing the bat against the ball in the same way as a golf-club.
The player hits the ball as if he were chipping in golf or holding the racket in both hands for a backhand-hit in tennis.

The TableGolf-players stand on either side of the table and hit the ball alternately.
The ball must hit the RETURN-wall at a minimum-height (Frontline), and then bounce back at a minimum length (Shortline).

Matches are scored in a similar way as in tabletennis. A game goes up to 21 points. The service is changed every 5 points and the players change sides every 10 points.
When a player has reached 20 points, the putting starts.
The 21st point to win the set can only be reached by putting the ball in the hole.

Playing TableGolf needs much less space than tabletennis. The TableGolf-table is very compact, easy to assemble and it doesn’t need much room.

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  • H:1,0 m
  • B:0,8 m
  • T:0,6 m